80th IUVSTA Workshop

Ultra Low Emittance Light Source Vacuum Systems

Oct. 24 - 28, 2016, NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan

Principal Themes / Topic

Facility reports and project reviewing for the light sources with emittance < 0.5 nm·rad
  • - facility status, projects ongoing or under planning
Design concepts of the vacuum systems for the ultra-low emittance light source
  • - pros & cons, beam duct with low impedance & UHV, materials, in-situ baking or not, etc.
Surface engineering and treatments for the ultra-low surface outgassing rate
  • - surface cleaning, oil-free machining, interior surface coating, etc.
NEG-coating technologies, development and applications
  • - NEG-coating processes, characteristics of the NEG film, features of pumping and outgassing
Critical vacuum components accommodate high beam current operation
  • - low impedance RF-bridges and vacuum sealing design, high heat load components, bimetallic components, ceramic chambers, BPM and diagnostics, etc.
Methodology of the Manufacturing and Construction
  • - manufacturing methods, processes, quality control, reliability and stability control
Pressure distribution
  • - modelling, simulation codes, practical measurements, applications, etc.
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